27 October 1275: Traditional founding of the city of Amsterdam.

Turn It On Again: The Tour was a 2007 concert tour of Europe and North America by the English rock band Genesis.The tour was notable for the return of drummer and vocalist Phil Collins, who had fronted the band during their most commercially successful period before leaving in 1993, rejoining founder members Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, with their traditional on-stage musicians, Chester ... Although Amsterdam is full of canals – the Venice of the North has 160 of them – they are outnumbered by the Dutch capital’s 1,700 bridges. Most of those bridges are simple, utilitarian structures that few people notice. But the city also has many spans, some of them built centuries ago, that are handsome and even beautiful. On May 27, 1647, Peter Stuyvesant was inaugurated as director general upon his arrival and ruled as a member of the Dutch Reformed Church.The colony was granted self-government in 1652, and New Amsterdam was incorporated as a city on February 2, 1653. The first mayors (burgemeesters) of New Amsterdam, Arent van Hattem and Martin Cregier, were appointed in that year.

2021.10.27 02:52 Vucea 27 October 1275: Traditional founding of the city of Amsterdam.

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2021.10.27 02:52 MediaTrafficOrg Elon Musk Drags President Biden For Trying To Tax Billionaires Just After Becoming The ‘Richest Man In The World’

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2021.10.27 02:52 theiveous_raccoonus need some advice

hello im new to this sub but i cannot stop thinking about this and what to do
I've been struggling a lot mentally and don't really have the words or self awareness to know if things are real or fake, but I'm still a pretty productive and mildly ok functioning adult. my issue is that some of the symptoms or feelings I've been experiencing recently are way more active than I've ever had happen before. Ive been dealing with anxiety, depression, and ptsd (all undiagnosed but definitely at play IMO) with symptoms more recently of depersonalization for extended periods, self isolation, confusion, impulsiveness, binge-eating, etc.
Depersonalization/derealization is particularly new for me and fucking scary. Still these other things I have dealt with through many years of my life but have been able to ignore and/or manage on my own.
I don't think I'm at a point where I've to ruined my whole life with fire yet, but I'm on a fast track in the direction. How do I know I'm at a point where I need to admit myself somewhere? I'm scared because this seems like a new low and i don't know what this could mean for me. I'm in the process of finding a therapist, but was referred to community providers by my university because they couldn't 'adequately treat my needs'. finding a therapist is long and my circumstances leave me with an even smaller window for treatment options or providers. what should i do?
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2021.10.27 02:52 Dumbboywithissues About my previous posts.

Hello all you lovely women, men, and everything in between or outside of the box! My account has posted on this subreddit before.
That was not me.
That was my sister, who outed my dead name into multiple trans subreddits knowing that you all would be loving and supportive. She made it out to sound like I am a trans women, who uses my dead name and she/her pronouns. I am a trans man, I go by Michael and use he/him pronouns. You all were very kind and supportive, and I know you all did not mean to dead name and misgender me. I will be taking down the old posts.
I don't use this account much, so I didn't realize something was up until I got multiple notifications deadnaming and misgendering me with very nice compliments.
You all are lovely, and thank you for the support, although it is the wrong kind of support.
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2021.10.27 02:52 MadDog_8762 I think we need to actually sit down and address the "left peak" issue

I think we need to actually sit down and address the Ive always known this was a thing, but not exactly to what extent
Then I saw this image

Needless to say, this is VERY broken
(imagine if the window shooter didnt even have a hat, all you would see is MAYBE a shoulder
The shooter on the ground, LOGICALLY, should hold his fire until a clean shot presents itself
You could say "wallbang", sure
But what if a non-penetrable wall was involved?

One of Murphy's MANY laws is
"If you can see them, they can see you"
And unfortunately this "truth" doesnt really work here

Furthermore, this is ENTIRELY counterintuitive to anyone who knows anything about shooting
A right-handed shooter is better peaking RIGHT IRL, as that minimizes the exposure when taking a shot
Siege had a similar issue, and they fixed it the way we need to fix it

Now im not sure where the camera is by default, but when you ADS< the camera should shift to your right-eye "shooting eye" position within your character model

This shouldnt be a complicated fix
Would reduce some SERIOUSLY aggravating situations where you have LITERALLY nothing to shoot at, while they can beam you perfectly fine
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2021.10.27 02:52 notsexmaster I like to laugh like "ro ta ta ta ta ton"

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2021.10.27 02:52 TheCrucifix0325 Running the Prince of Lies in my DnD Game

I have an idea for a BBEG for my Homebrew game I play over discord. After reading into some dieties and lore I found more about the God Cyric. After reading more and more about him my evil dm brain started buzzing like crazy and I was feeling sinister. I even thought of using the stat block for the devil Titivilus thinking it was a decent start. Does anybody have experience using a mad trickster god that just wants to enjoy ruining peoples lives for the thrill and fun of it? I’ve already developed a wonderful magical shopkeep that is a wizard/cleric of Mystra multi class and Even a group of pirates that have been tricked to help find the steel iron keys that keep Cyric locked away to the Supreme Throne in the lore I found on Fandom. Any help or fun ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.27 02:52 MeteorRed24 Chilled for a month and see what happened - 2 pics attached. Finally above 1k🤑. Is it organic or smth happened during last week? Is ios Wallet already out? Anyways, keep up the good work. Wanted to climb to 1 billion, but I guess even 300m will be enough. Wanna hold till 2025-2027 cycle 🤪👍

Chilled for a month and see what happened - 2 pics attached. Finally above 1k🤑. Is it organic or smth happened during last week? Is ios Wallet already out? Anyways, keep up the good work. Wanted to climb to 1 billion, but I guess even 300m will be enough. Wanna hold till 2025-2027 cycle 🤪👍 submitted by MeteorRed24 to SafeMoon [link] [comments]


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2021.10.27 02:52 Rmon_34 I guess I'm failing the essay

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2021.10.27 02:52 miamimarketer Dragon X - A new advertising platform for DeFi powered by $DAX

Website: https://www.dragonx.app/#/
Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/HeSogccbTTNiZTUx
The DeFi industry lacks an effective, default-choice advertising platform. Existing blockchain advertising platforms require identity verification, banking access and generally do not comply with the principles of DeFi in a meaningful way. There is also a negligible utilization of tokenization or blockchain technology in the advertising industry.
We propose a method to tokenize advertising engagements using the Dragon X Token (DAX), an ERC-20 utility token, redeemable on the Dragon X advertising platform for real-world advertising engagements.
The Dragon X advertising platform is designed to be an ergonomic, simple and effective advertising platform combining the principles of DeFi with digital advertising.
Those principles include account-less authentication via an ethereum wallet, a native stake-able ERC-20 token and no identity verification requirements.
The aim of this project is to provide the DeFi community with an advertising platform that is as effective and ergonomic as the big tech advertising platforms without the associated censorship, limitations and bank & identity requirements. In addition we seek to create a token economy for DAX that enables stakers who put funds at risk to earn advertising engagements for free that can then be used to promote their projects or sold for fair market price.
Problems In Advertising We're Trying To Solve1. High Fees, Low-Value
Advertising platforms are notorious for charging extremely high fees and commissions. These platform fees range from 25 - 60% in most cases.
In addition, these commissions often are compounded and multiplied when the inventory goes through multiple advertising platforms, with each platform taking a cut at each stage of the auction process. Up to 70% of ad dollars end up in the hands of the platforms, ad-exchanges and middle-men in commissions leaving only 30% for content providers. Lots of value ends up lost to intermediates as opposed to being spent on content. Lowering ROI for advertisers.
This results in a lot of problems for the ad business. Because so many ad dollars go towards ad-tech intermediaries, a lot of value is lost for the both the paying advertiser and the supply side publishers, ROI is diluted substantially as a consequence.
What makes this problem particularly challenging is that the value offered by middlemen and intermediaries is often low, this creates an atmosphere of mistrust, fraud and bad-faith in the industry.

  1. Censorship And Centralization
The most popular and widely used advertising solutions; Google, Facebook and Twitter have consistently made it incredibly difficult for blockchain companies to raise funds, sell their products and innovate. This is because they've consistently been blocking, banning and confounding advertisers in the blockchain industry for several years. This presents a significant obstacle and limiting factor for the growth of blockchain companies as a whole. The is particularly damaging for small to medium sized blockchain businesses.
  1. Banking & Identity Requirements
To advertise your business using one of the big tech platforms, a bank account and some form of identity documents are usually required. This bars many people in the developing world from using these platforms. In addition, the use of fiat currency and banks is required to fund an account. This requires the user have a bank account and use the legacy financial system to participate in online advertising.
  1. Poor Traffic Quality
Most advertising platforms get their traffic by offering a revenue share arrangement with content providers and publishers, platforms must focus on serving two customers; advertisers and publishers. This presents advertising networks with a conflict of interest; their profits are contingent upon revenue sharing with their publishers, so there is pressure to sell as much of the publisher's content for the highest price to the advertiser as possible, often compromising on traffic quality.
Not all traffic is of equal value, the vast majority of internet traffic isn't suitable for driving advertising conversions, however, because platforms rely on these content providers sharing their revenue to drive their own profits, traffic is often sold and packaged together from multiple publishers. This dilutes traffic quality and ROI for the advertisers and drives up cost of acquisition.
Our Proposed Solutions1. An Advertising Platform With No fees Or Commissions.
Dragon X will not operate on a revenue-share basis with publishers, meaning no commissions will be charged on purchased traffic. That means a substantial amount of value that would usually go towards intermediaries and middle-men will instead go directly to supply side publishers and provide a significant boost in ROI potential for advertisers.
Instead, Dragon X will rent traffic on a fixed-price basis from only the top performing traffic sources and publishers. Dragon X will be funded directly by sales of the DAX ERC-20 token, which is required to access and buy advertising engagements on the Dragon X platform. This removes the need for us to charge a commission and gives us the ability to pay top dollar for the best performing traffic assets.
By offering 0% commission and fees, Dragon X will be able to pay publishers significantly more and stands to be an extremely attractive and lucrative alternative to current advertising platforms. In addition, by abolishing the revenue share / commission model, Dragon X will find it much easier to negotiate with extremely high quality traffic sources and create tangible long-term value for both the supply side and demand side of the advertising ecosystem.
More information about the business model mechanics can be in the token economics section of this document.
  1. A Platform Based On The Principles of DeFi
We believe decentralized finance is one of the great innovations of our time. The ability for individuals to access a free and open financial ecosystem beyond the control of centralized institutions and governments presents a massive opportunity for people who are either disillusioned by the current financial system or excluded from it entirely.
We believe in applying the principles of DeFi to the advertising economy. Those principles are inherently anti-censorship and community driven. Whilst Dragon X is centralized to an extent in the sense it is operated by Dragon X labs, we intent to stay true to the decentralized principles of DeFi, including a commitment to prevent the censorship of the blockchain industry.
By providing a viable and effective alternative advertising solution to big tech platforms, specifically designed for the DeFi world, Dragon X will play an important part in the process of freeing blockchain enterprises from the restrictions and limitations imposed upon them by censorious big tech platforms.
In addition, we make a commitment to enable open access, without an account, utilizing the ethereum wallet sign-in mechanism to identify and manage user accounts.
  1. Bank-less Advertising
Dragon X is an advertising platform that will exist in an economy that is completely separate from the banking system. The DAX token replaces the use of fiat currency and does not require a bank account, therefore, anyone with an ethereum wallet can access the platform, acquire a DAX balance and use the platform regardless of their identity or banking status.
  1. Only The Best Performing Traffic
The Dragon X platform will not revenue share with publishers, instead, we will rent ad space on fixed-price terms with only the most quality traffic sources on the market. This gives us unparalleled freedom to choose exactly what kind of traffic we provide and also eliminates the conflict of interest that arises when advertising platforms are responsible for providing monetization for their publishers.
Because Dragon X will be renting traffic only from a select few high-performing sources, it means that we can ensure advertisers only receive the highest possible quality of traffic.
The $DAX TokenIntroduction
The DAX token is an ERC-20 token designed to be redeemable for real-world user engagements on the Dragon X platform. It is a mintable, fungible utility token produced via proof of stake and features a deflationary supply pressure through a mechanism of token burning whenever DAX is spent for advertising on the Dragon X platform.
Initial Supply
An initial supply of 1,000,000 DAX will be minted upon the launch of the token. This initial supply will be distributed in the following way:
10% - Airdrops (100,000 DAX)
We will airdrop early adopters of Dragon X with up to 100,00 DAX. These DAX tokens will be provided in order to facilitate a "free trial" of the platform for select advertisers. These airdrops are also necessary to get DAX listed on exchanges.
90% - Dragon X Contract (900,000 DAX)
The rest of the remaining supply will be locked in the Dragon X smart-contract. This contract serves as a reserve of DAX, from which advertisers can buy DAX from when advertisers purchase engagements on the platform.
Target Price
As a utility token, DAX is designed to be redeemable for real-world advertising engagements.
Initially, the DAX / Engagement rate will be set at 1:1, meaning each DAX token is redeemable for one engagement. A target price of around $1 per DAX will be the initial target price for the token.
As the token becomes available on open exchanges, the price of DAX may fluctuate, for this reason we have developed a mechanism of ensuring the DAX/Engagement rate remains affordable and appropriate, this is achieved by a variable in the Dragon X contract called the DAX rate.
DAX Rate
The DAX rate controls the ratio between a single DAX token and the number of engagements that can be redeemed for it. Initially as described, this will be a 1:1 ratio.
Assuming the price of DAX dramatically changes, the DAX rate can be used to modify the amount of engagements that can be purchased with the DAX token.
For instance, assuming a DAX rate of 1:1, for one DAX token a user can redeem 1 engagement on the platform. If the price of DAX doubles, the DAX rate could be changed to 2:1, requiring 2 DAX for an engagement. The DAX rate will be set by the team depending on various economic factors related to business operations, for instance, it may be that the price of advertising goes up and therefore the DAX rate must be changed, or the DAX price gets so high it becomes unaffordable to use the platform, the DAX rate is needed to ensure the platform remains economical and affordable for paying advertisers.
The concept of a DAX rate enables us to make sure that price fluctuations in the token to not harm the overall business and makes sure we can ensure advertisers aren't overpaying or underpaying simply because of price fluctuations of the utility token.
DAX Price (Temporary)
Closely related to the DAX rate, a DAX price is to be utilized temporarily while the initial supply of DAX still exists within the Dragon X contract. The DAX price controls how much each unit DAX costs in ETH. The aim is for this to be around $1 to start with. Once the Dragon X contract has sold all of its initial supply of DAX tokens it will be no longer possible to purchase DAX from the platform itself and users will instead have to acquire the DAX token through third-party exchanges or through staking, making the DAX price entirely market-driven in the near future.
DAX Creation
The DAX token is designed to be a PoS (Proof of stake) token. After the initial supply of 900,000 DAX locked in the Dragon X contract is spent, DAX will be exclusively created by the process of staking.
Staking enables a unique economical value in advertising in that those who put DAX at risk in a staking pool stand to earn DAX tokens which can then be used to purchase advertising engagements, essentially producing cost-free advertising for their business. This presents a unique opportunity for savvy businesses to cut their costs of acquisition down to zero and essentially pay nothing out of pocket for advertising engagements.
DAX Deflation
To prevent inflationary pressure building up on this token economy, DAX tokens will burned when spent on advertising on the Dragon X platform, creating a deflationary pressure on the total supply. Over time, this will reduce the total supply of DAX tokens significantly.
We have proposed in this document our plans to build a DeFi advertising platform. Utilizing a native ERC-20 token and novel token economics to tokenize advertising engagements and provide an alternative advertising ecosystem built on the decentralized web.
For more information please visit our website www.dragonx.app or email our CEO directly at carlos[at]dragonx.app
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2021.10.27 02:52 BigDaddyBlaze420 M4F NWPA

Cash only
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2021.10.27 02:52 shakethedisease666 Do I look too feminine? I feel like I need to try and look a bit more masculine.

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2021.10.27 02:52 Heesil77 Tekken 7 online tournaments enter at your own risk and share

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2021.10.27 02:52 arturinho19 Alternatives to Qudelix 5k?

I'm looking for a Bluetooth receiver around the same price as the qudelix 5k. the reason is that i cannot find the qudelix anywhere to buy. and also want to know if there is any other bt receiver that has USB dac mode and doesn't use it's integrated battery while connected. thank you in advance
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2021.10.27 02:52 JannasOrchid What tier unlocks 3rd hero March?

Currently lvl 80. I’m a Legendary Craftsman and working on tier 4 of the specialized tree. I keep seeing that I have to be a Grand Marshall from the combat elite tree to unlock a 3rd hero which sounds pretty necessary at my level. When should I make the switch to Combat Elite - Grand Marshall?
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2021.10.27 02:52 Tiger_Yu Teaching math

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2021.10.27 02:52 PronBro69 Anyone have the download for the Harry Potter wands mod?

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2021.10.27 02:52 Snagalip Do faces look distorted in your peripheral vision?

If I look a little to the side of an image of a face and then try to perceive it with my peripheral vision, it looks lopsided and distorted. I know that our peripheral vision naturally perceives things imperfectly and our brain automatically fills in the blanks, but since that is the case, is this something I should be able to notice if I look for it? Shouldn't my brain be filling in the blanks?
Basically, is this a symptom of VSS, something completely different, or is it normal? Thanks.
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2021.10.27 02:52 suzaman Hey guys congrats to the new ATH and keep holding and supporting the cause.

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2021.10.27 02:52 Bochwastaken Best gun in video games

What is the best gun in any video game based on design and looks? No nostalgia, just one best looking gun you have seen. Something really badass
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2021.10.27 02:52 ElectricalPeninsula [OC] The world hasn’t been really growing since 2008 if China and the US don’t count

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2021.10.27 02:52 jaegerjaquez0001 How should I prepare for Data 8?

I'm a slow learner, so I think to even catch up with the class, I should try to read ahead.
I assume data8.org is a great resource. Should I just do whatever the past semesters have done?
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2021.10.27 02:52 aeroxy 好图分享

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2021.10.27 02:52 fianchettoknight Swimming in a Depravation Tank

I swim at the beach for fitness pretty regularly, and I live in a tropical climate. Today was the first time that I felt like my soul was leaving my body while swimming and that I was not really "connected" with my body. I had been swimming for about an hour and was about 2000 yards into my swim when I started to feel like my soul/consciousness was about to slip away. It was a slightly pleasant feeling, but I got scared and started swimming faster while keeping my head above water because I didn't want to have a shallow water blackout or anything. I still finished my swim and went to work, but the experience has stuck with me all day because I can't really explain what happened to me. I won't say that I was in a trance, or that I had an out of body experience, but I definitely wasn't in my "normal" state of being. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY THOUGHTS OR INSIGHT ON THIS?
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