37kd8 99r2s bd79k n829z 4ifze eh395 f32y5 zy5bf idkfb 2yakt zd553 89929 462rr sa9hb fyft4 ifiit 68224 kz3kh 3ddkt y6ttd z425i [OFFER] Cheap, Profession Logos with Fast Turn around! 50% OFF! |

[OFFER] Cheap, Profession Logos with Fast Turn around! 50% OFF!

2021.10.27 05:02 amanimaedesign [OFFER] Cheap, Profession Logos with Fast Turn around! 50% OFF!

Hello everyone!
Due to my work flow being extremely slow lately, I am offering 50% all logos!
- JUST $25! -
I usually charge a base price of $50 for a logo with revisions included, but now I will be charging just $25. Please note, depending on the complexity of your logo, the price may be increased, however the base price is $25. For a quick quote, please get in touch.
Mascot Logo Examples (most commonly used for Twitch, YouTube, and gaming related businesses) https://www.behance.net/gallery/125407525/Twitch-E-Sport-Logos
Brand Logo Examples https://www.behance.net/gallery/124595071/Logo-Designs
- Unlimited revisions during sketch phase
- Unlimited colour revisions
- Fast turnaround (24-48 hours)
- Quick response time (within 1 hour)
- Frequent updates
- Professional Designs
- Affordable Prices

If you are interested please get in touch! You can contact me through Reddit or email me at; [amanimaedesign@gmail.com](mailto:amanimaedesign@gmail.com)
Thank you.
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2021.10.27 05:02 springfox64 CHEESE

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2021.10.27 05:02 KingofNarwhalss [USA-TN] [H] 3DS Games [W] Paypal

Hope everybody I hope y'all are having a good morning. I would like to sell most of these games in a bundle. So just throw an offer and we'll work it out.
All price are shipped and all games are LOOSE
Pokemon Sun - $17
Pokemon Omega Ruby - $33
Pokemon Shadows of Almia - $26
Super Mario 3D Land - $10
Super Smash Bros 3DS - $12
Beyblade Evolution - $7
Ninjago Nindroids - $7
Chibi Robo Zip Lash - $8
Chibi Robo Park Patrol - $33
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2021.10.27 05:02 AddictedTo8bit Why would a Goblin be all alone?

As the title suggests (kind of) I'm making a Goblin character to play, along with an Orc, but I'm having a hard time trying to write a backstory on as to why the Goblin is alone and teaming up with an Orc. Any suggestions help! It's a homebrew campaign as well so I imagine anything (that is okay with the DM/0GM) will be fine.
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2021.10.27 05:02 shadyslytherins To count to 5

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2021.10.27 05:02 strengthandhappiness Wish to delete rdr2 from my pc but by doing so, I lose all progress made in the game. Any way to download specific files from directory (save files for example) where if I ever reinstall rdr2 in the future, I can just paste files to reinstalled game and continue where I left off?

Hi guys,
Not sure if this is the right subreddit for this question or not but ive been playing too much rdr2 as of lately and wish to uninstall the game from my computer
but by doing so, i literally lose all the progress i've made in the game
is there any way to just save really specific files in the file directory that are affiliated with my save files?
This way if I ever reinstall the game, i can just paste the save files back into the file directory and start where I left off
Is there any way in how i could do that? I know I can just keep the game on my computer and just 'not play' but its easier for me to just remove the game from my computer for less distractions
Hopefully my question makes sense, thanks for any help I can get
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2021.10.27 05:02 StellaDog1969 All top 100 cryptos are down and everyone is stockpiling on shiba!

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2021.10.27 05:02 LeloucheOTR P's Party #91 will be live streaming in about 2 hours, featuring the "Mexican Standoff" between Tsukushi and Momo Kohgo! The first stream in a long time, let's go!

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2021.10.27 05:02 jakerunner1 Théoden loves himself

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2021.10.27 05:02 Banana_MilkGuy2008 fuckem ;)

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2021.10.27 05:02 troll_ops_2 trunks and gokus super attack

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2021.10.27 05:02 StorytellerZeke Which Advanced Job to go for first?

So I reached the point where I finished their Chapter 3s and I'm about to head for Chapter 4. I was planning to go for the Advanced jobs before continuing so....who do I go for first? Also, do you have any suggestions on strategies in fighting them?
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2021.10.27 05:02 frantzianleader Under the Moon of Misanthropy - TheLordPain (Full Album)

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2021.10.27 05:02 kittykarren Helix puss and bleeding

So I was about to go to bed when I noticed my piercing start to have puss come out of it and then it started bleeding. There was a small bump there but Ive been cleaning it and thought it would go away. I also just ran out of saline and was going to go pick some more up tomorrow but I'm panicking a little please any advice it's like 2 am
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2021.10.27 05:02 PerpetualCrawdad Darkrai raid, first 10 people.

Add trainer code 7663 5993 6806.
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2021.10.27 05:02 lunaadidi is this cheating?? should i feel bad about this??

i’m in a relationship
im just going to be blunt about what happened:
last night a friend of mine asked to give me a hug and i said yes, and he even had his arms open like he wanted to hug me. as i went up to him, he slapped his hands onto both my cheeks and pulled me in to kiss him. i ducked a little so he got the bottom of my nose and my top lip. immediately i pushed him off and said “ew” and i didn’t want it to happen at all!! i felt so bad for the rest of the night i went home early.
i then was on call with my boyfriend later that night and told him what happened. i said i didn’t want it to happen and i felt better for telling him but at the same time felt terrible.
he says i didn’t do anything wrong and i know that but regardless i’m feeling awful about it and i regret going out that night and just want to turn back time
i’ve decided to cut that person out/stay away from them from now on as well as decided to only hang out with guys when i have to.
what do you guys think about the situation??
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2021.10.27 05:02 iamnotinterested2 NHS's 'world beating' £37BILLION Test and Trace program was 'eyewatering' waste of taxpayer cash

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2021.10.27 05:02 dianses Tanzania LAN represent

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2021.10.27 05:02 Reasonable-Home-6949 What reading/study would you recommend to someone transferring to ED in a couple of months?

Hi all, as the title asks just looking for recommendations to prep for a contract in ED. I’ve been nursing as an RN for 6 years but have never worked critical care and I’m wanting to be prepared as possible!
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2021.10.27 05:02 SeijiWeiss Bandori! Girls Band Party! presents Morfonica Radio #80

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2021.10.27 05:02 No-One3021 Question About The Siket Disc

Not sure how much newer phans will be familiar with it, but I bought The Siket Disc (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Siket_Disc) on CD the day it came out.
Dug it out of the archives recently, and it struck me how much it seemed to be drug influenced (even for Phish!).
I know these were outtakes, but does anyone have any insight here? I remember it being weird when I bought it, but this is seriously bizarre listening, now!
And to those who missed Big Cypress when it happened - it was as good as you think ;-).
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2021.10.27 05:02 Wiardv What makes you say: "This is the top"?

There are some awesome indicators to predict the top, but I mean in terms of sentiment. For example a friend of mine who was laughing about Bitcoin at 30K was considering to buy at the all time high.
This is usually a good indicator we reached a top. When friends suddenly hit you up to talk about Bitcoin, you get out. (Only half joking here)
In terms of sentiment, what will make you think: "This is the top"?
Here are a couple of mine:
- Everyone on Instagram is super rich
-Someone in CryptoCurrency will make a post that this time is different and we're getting a supercycle and no bear market and straight to a million.
-Michael Saylor tells you to sell your house for Bitcoin
-Lots of spam email, mail, text messages, youtube videos, scams around Bitcoin.
-Jim Cramer says he bought again
What are yours?
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2021.10.27 05:02 kirich222 What is that?

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2021.10.27 05:02 ai_jobs [HIRING] Analytics Platform Lead in Bentonville, AR

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2021.10.27 05:02 TruthversusSlander Minah saleh tak nak pakai mask di KLCC.

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