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One week on

2021.10.27 04:31 idryss_m One week on

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2021.10.27 04:31 LiterOfColah Doge coin has been killed

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2021.10.27 04:31 RealThrowaway486939 Early access scheduling requirements

When are you able to book timeslots with early access? I met the criteria but it still makes me wait till midnight
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2021.10.27 04:31 Mrindecent123 For those who are going through a rough hearbreak..this is for you


I'm holding back on them words to say.
But fuck it, I'ma give them life anyways.
I believe in living ahead in arrays
Of lit roads that pave ways
For the truth to be told and sold.

That’s meant to stay, so there is some fucking proof:
That I’m not your usual dude, I’m that odd cue
From a tv casted crew you see racking views.
Leaving you confused, searching for them endless clues.
About the real me of who I really am.

The weird person who nobody understands.
This wordless man who’s got his own mic stand.
Amongst the sheep crowd and his foolish band.
I digress, I'm not a robot made from just a tin can.
I’m just an ordinary man with a complicated plan.

Yeah, I’ve got major anxieties.
Depression’s keeping me from being me.
Playing chess on me, tricks on me, check-mated on top of me
I landed in the wrong zones, call it a monopoly.
It’s hypocrisy, I know, and I say it’s blasphemy.
As if I’m locked up internally for an eternity.
And honestly, I’ve made this into a daily routine.
Mixing up realities with fantasies,
or was it fantasies into realities?
Which leaves me to believe what I think or see.
And I pray every day for its final release.
I talk myself out of it from these weak ass knees,
That is getting pretty heavy for carrying empty grieves
I held back my past for and I don't want nobody to perceive.
Because I want them to keep their purity and their wholesome beliefs.

Mine was black and that shit was eating me alive.
And leaving me in some kind of distorted disguise.
A mask to wear to fly by, drive-by, and wave sorry goodbyes.
That I had to put up to fit in and socialize.
As if I'm a wolf in sheep’s wool, keeping my teeth behind.
Layer me in some bullshit lie to tell you I’m fine all the fucking time.
Keeping them demons crossing the line,
Where I don’t want you to be in when you explore my mind.
I wonder why you want to be a part of my life,
listen to my strife,
world’s collide,
word’s slide,
Being too kind that I might die from their glowing eyes.
That I find sublime, that I failed to realize.
The shining light you enveloped me with so much might.
I don’t know if my heart’s acting right.
My body’s feeling hot and things are getting tight.
An adrenaline rush, the feeling is running a bit high.
To the point, I’m getting blinded
To who you truly are.

Didn’t think I had to look so far for a shooting star
That I dreamed of watching in lonely parks.
Whenever I spoke of these lost bars,
I’m glad I believed in them from the very start.
Seems harsh, I know, but we all know it’s hard.
Increase the light source, push out the dark.
Stand the fucking ground, raise their alarms.
Cuz you’re coming through with a stronger heart.
Believe me, I know what that feels like to be split apart.
Alone in your car, crying out loud for a new life card.
That you wish you can discard into your backyard,
Hide it so no one knows the old you, the one you truly are.
Searching for safe places to let down your guard.
Find and pick the ones you want from like a shopping cart.
Screaming in pain from those tears, breaks, and scars.
Write out postcards to yourself just so you can die hard.
Bury yourself into words, then the papers get jarred and gnarred:

What lessons don’t I get?
I gotta press the reset
Unplug and forget the rest,
Upload and download the mess,
Thumbs down for feeling worthless,
And be processed to be the best,
And then come out feeling blessed,
and break every test life’s giving you.
Your past are shadows, they go through you
And it’s up to you to do what you wanna do.
You can be up in the sun or catch them singing blues,
Mindlessly scroll, look up old tunes, repeat the drama news,
Watch as life goes by as a watcher would view.
Acting like a dumb fool who got played by a complex tool.
Acting as if nothing happened, you walk out all cool.
Feeling like it’s back in high school.
Rumors spread that my love is overdue.
I’m the stupid boo who can’t produce
A simple truth we abide by a universal rule to break the roof.
You’re like a canvas filled with beautiful hues,
Of colors waiting to be painted loomed.
And then exalted for its flowering bloom.
The adorable smile leaves me feeling brewed.
The laughs always get me to smirk a few.
The stride you leave behind is always new.
The pain you carry, has me hurting too.
And how I imagined I can be there for you.
Hold you down tight to tell you it’s okay.
Cast off the magic that’s making you feel this way.

Shield you from the spears of hate, can you even relate?
I’m troubled that you’re scared, so you hesitate.
Are the gates to goodness too bright for your taste?
Am I too late to save those from the abyss lake?
Can you do the same when I’m down a blade?
Can you be the other one who’ll share this fate?
We can share the blames, work on the shames,
And all the insecurities you threw under your name.
I can be a conditioner to fan your flames.
Whenever you feel the world’s got you feeling drained.
Tell you to not listen to those mind-screwing games.
Tell you you’re just a picture, perfect, crooked frame.
Uplift your spirits to remind you of the throne you always claimed.
The Kings aren't made and the queens are maimed.
Society’s ripping people to become lamed and tamed.
Chained to contracts while we’re going around unbrained.
With no distinction of what’s real and what’s been laid.

But somewhere down the wire,
Our telephone poles got twisted and tired.
We were flipping tires going nowhere, just making fumes and geysers.
Deceived by the liars, scorched by invisible fire, led by fakes who got hired to stop what was supposed to transpire.
We could've held hands just to inspire, promote each other to aspire and reach higher.
Keep each other in the heavens we so desire.

But the audacity that you marked on me, left me hurt.
Now the monstrosities are coming in to begin the burn
We’re fed with fucked up philosophies of how to love in return.
What it got out of me was just a story left unturned.
And now it’s ended, the case has been adjourned.
I guess the calamity is what you really yearned for.
When did you stop being you, when did you start to unlearn?

As time goes by,
I can tell you had sleepless nights,
Endless cries,
Dark droopy eyes to encase yourself to hide those baggy lines.
Shit, you might’ve devoted yourself to addictive crimes.
To ease the suffering you’re trying to unwind.
Only then can we both wish to press the button, rewind.
Back to a time when things were so well aligned.
We’re going to have to redefine our purpose.
But we’re not perfect and we will never be.
There’s gonna be cracks on the surface.
And that’s how it’s gotta be.
Clumsy tries and flimsy lines.
Things we can share with each other and press like.
Things we can disagree on the plus side and sigh.
When did we stop having faith in seeing human signs?

The difference is clear, where you and I come from.
We’re like at two ends of some odd spectrum,
The kind we can’t stop each other walking from.
Somehow reaching for touch, holding back from sheer lust.
Curious about each other, mysteries leaving us nuts.
The temptations like a fight, straight to the guts.
This deadly process I’m feeling, my chest is about to go bust.
Thinking this is just a short term rush, I dismiss it.
But I’m finding myself biting the dust, it’s explicit.
Decrypting it to see if it’s something my heart can trust.
Standing still and long but I’m blown by its windful gust.
It’s like an old time calling and I’m brittle from a brush.
Almost can’t breathe, it’s like squeezing my shriveled lungs.
Making my entire body go numb from the sight of you.
I’m not invincible, your gaze will leave a bruise.
Petrified from the radiance, I can’t help but cruise.
It's a euphoric ride and it puts me in that luscious mood.
Wanting frequencies to be exchanged, yet silence brews.
I’m becoming powerless and powerful, is this really true?
I think I caught something from you, some kind of bad flu.
I pushed you away, ignored, and still out of the blue.
There you are, persistent, maybe you're scared too.
The vibes I get linger and get us finding hidden clues.
Fog’s kicking in now, thinking what you’re up to.
My body’s in pieces and I want to see this through.
I’m sad as fuck, but this deadline’s kicked in due.
I try so hard to not let it get through.
The heavy armor I put up is coming loose.
My walls are up so why aren’t you making a run? I’m cautious, yet something hit the fucking drum.
Somewhere in the beat, I got hit by cupid’s gun.
Delirious, I’m catching myself from what’s been done.
Baby, You’re dangerous with that parabellum. Your beauty shook me, nullified me, leaving me stunned.

The smile you put on got two faces,

lessons learned.
But there’s a whole different side of you,
easily hurt, so burnt that even my stomach churns.
I’m fascinated by your story, each page, I want to turn.
Every side of you, I can’t help myself but I want to learn. You’re ice cold, that shit stings so I gotta be stern. Distance myself around you so I don't get readily burned.
You baffle me with the amount of people you’ve slain.
Values and morals you uphold, you’re not to blame.
And you’re coming at me with brute force I can’t contain.
Neither can I explain cuz the blots are bloody-stained.
Like a doctor, you’re operating on me to pick my brain.
Everything’s up for grabs, I know what’s to be played.
But every step you make, I dodge to stop a mistake.
I think I’ve laid countlessly because I’m so fucking lame.
To the point where we reach the end of the game.
I’m a double agent, so I crossed different lanes.

Never laying down what I’ve been framed for. Caught in the act of something I really crave more. Maybe I’m crazy right down to my blackened core. But fuck it, I got this one life, i’ve been torned by wars,
Been alone like a lone wolf, People got me stoned, I must remain cold.
To protect my weak spot, barely shown to others that my cover is blown.
Sit by myself, listening to how to re-live and be home with myself, self honed.
Gonna have to focus on me and my primary goal.

I’m just a human being who’s heart is barely beating. Struggling to deal with these giddy feelings. Like every other beginner out on a journey, believing. And seeing things clearly with guilty innocence, bereaving.
Alone in this world like everybody trying to be in.
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2021.10.27 04:31 Tripdesign Found in a local forest, Germany

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2021.10.27 04:31 xvf9 Neighbour's wall is on my boundary line. What can I do to it to make it nicer?

Firstly, obviously I will talk to them about what my intentions are, but they're quite hard to pin down as they only spend a few days at the house in any given month.
Their wall is right on the boundary line in one part of my back yard. No fence in between or anything. I'd love to plant a creeper of some sort, non-destructive, like a Creeping Fig or something. If not that, I'd be keen to paint it a dark gray or something to blend in a bit better. What are the rules with that? I've tried googling and everything is about fences or just overall building regulations, nothing about what the neighbour is entitled to do to the wall.
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2021.10.27 04:31 cyanideOG Is it legal to wear a plate carrier in public without any armour plates in it?

I like to dress up in outdoor gear and be full "tactical". This is gear I will use when hunting and shooting out on land but I want to exercise in it in order to wear it in and be used to the weight when using in real world.
Im concerned that it will attract some attention as I walk around my suburban block, I am out in the country but I'm sure some eyebrows will be raised.
I understand bullet proof vests are illegal but it mainly talks about the armour part of it, not if the plate carrier itself. All I have in the plate carrier is some dummy plates that are just light foam to fill out the vest. These where purchased from the same store.
I bought the plate carrier of military1st.com.au
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2021.10.27 04:31 pogdog101 vox style motion dez

how can I make motion graphics that are like vox? camera moving around photos ect.
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2021.10.27 04:31 Irrelevant_fucker check me

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2021.10.27 04:31 gffold Molly Eskam her body is on fire..showing off her topless butt sexy

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2021.10.27 04:31 Carlosude Fundamental Question on Digital Marketing

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2021.10.27 04:31 Mathcrafter00 Last session my sorcerer sacrificed himself. Rest in peace, Darius. AMA

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2021.10.27 04:31 THICCDootDoot Finally got my account back after almost 40 non working days, added bonus I got a free welkin moon and a mona and a skyward harp, I would say EZ but it has honestly been alot of stress and anxiousness, nervous that I would never get it back since I am f2p

Finally got my account back after almost 40 non working days, added bonus I got a free welkin moon and a mona and a skyward harp, I would say EZ but it has honestly been alot of stress and anxiousness, nervous that I would never get it back since I am f2p submitted by THICCDootDoot to GenshinHacked [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 04:31 Sea-Bat She may have taken the kids, but he’d be damned if she got the house too!

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2021.10.27 04:31 Knight_Igris001 Take one for the team

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2021.10.27 04:31 Carlosude Simple and Advanced Topics of Animating 2D Characters

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2021.10.27 04:31 Creepy-Jellyfish-452 One Day Mekabae! Sales are already underway, 1 free for everyone

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2021.10.27 04:31 K4L21EV Currently on my last drink of the night lol

Today was my Friday at work so I've had a few drinks lol what's up? Vibing to music!
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2021.10.27 04:31 longrodvonhujjendong Selling early won't get you to the moon. Don't let your emotions get in the way.

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2021.10.27 04:31 ViseuNewsBot Entrou "Ronaldo" e ofereceu dez milhões pela Dielmar

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2021.10.27 04:31 Carlosude Mental Freedom: From PAIN To POWER

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2021.10.27 04:31 mochi_mochee29 How do I support my friend emotionally ngayong sinabi niya saamin na meron siyang TB and she has suicidal tendencies?

This friend of mine is the best person I have ever met sa buong buhay ko. We met nung Grade 10 and we're both in 2nd year college now. Magulo family background niya. Her dad sexually assaulted her once pero hanggang ngayon nandoon pa rin yung trauma sakanya and pain. Her dad is a fucking asshole sa totoo lang, di sila sinusuportahan financially, lasinggero, nanakit, minumura sila. Hindi nagtatrabaho both mom and dad niya, tapos parang umaasa na siya magpo-provide sa pamilya.
May boyfriend siya pero parang 50/50 naman. Andaming lihim sakanya, dismissive, tapos 2 years na sila hindi pa niya nakikita family and friends nun sa personal. Toxic relationship nila kasi nga parang maraming tinatago yung lalaki.
I feel so bad for her kasi wala akong magawa. Nasa Cavite ako and di ako pinapayagang bumiyahe (personal reasons), while nasa Caloocan siya. I don't think she deserves any of this. She's a very nice person and helped me a lot nung times na ako naman yung suicidal. How can I help her? What are the right words para mafeel niyang hindi siya nagiisa? Nagwoworry talaga ako sa kalagayan niya ngayon.
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2021.10.27 04:31 lyx_plin neue milch - geeignet für kinder!

Alpro hat eine neue milch für kinder rausgebracht, einmal mit hafer und einmal mit soja. sind der erste wirklich sinnvolle kuhmilchersatz auf dem deutschen markt für kinder, alle kritischen nährstoffe werden abgedeckt (auch jod, eisen, zink und vitamin a). Das ist wirklich eine verbesserung und machen pflanzenbasierte/vegane kinderernährung so viel einfacher! https://www.dm.de/alpro-haferdrink-fuer-kinder-ab-1-jahr-p5411188135289.html?wt_mc=lia.google.BabyKind.BabynahrungGetraenke.Babymilch.alpro.5411188135289&storeId=DE-2443
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2021.10.27 04:31 Gazia08 Should You Summon new aRRRa aRRRa Banner? (Victoria, Leona, Cuscuta)


i've been called out. i was too busy with IRL stuffs forgot to post in reddit but already published my video on it yesterday.
anyways, here is the usual Should you summon on aRRRA aRRRa banner.
1st copy: yes if you want her. and if you have the resources. she's pretty great. If you are in need of a healer in the fire team, she can be your healer but you really need to build a team around her to fully utilize her healing capabilities. Otherwise, if you already have philyshy, you don’t need her as philyshy can be put on a fire team and she synergizes well with them since her secondary element is fire element.
1st dupe: yes if you want more healing, otherwise not really worth chasing for.
dupe for max BT: nope. Not a must have unless you are victoria's no.1 simp.
1st copy: yes if waifu. no since there more better options.
1st dupe: yes if you main her and use her frequently. nope otherwise.
dupe for max BT: it depends on your budget. its good but not really worth breaking the bank for it.
1st copy: yes if waifu and you dont have a forest sniper. nope otherwise.
1st dupe: Yes if you main her and use her frequently. Since this upgrade makes her active skill be available at preemptive.
dupe for max BT:
Its pretty good but not really worth chasing for unless shes your waifu and you main her.
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